Learn the Stories Behind Tulsa's Black Wall Street

9 Entrepreneurs You Should Know

Building Black Wall Street

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    1. What's Your Dream?

    2. Building Black Wall Street Study Guide

    1. 40 Acres and a Vision

    1. 54 Doors!!

    1. Be a Star

    1. Build a Wealthy Black Family

About this course

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Real Estate, Pilots, Educators, and more

Learn about historical examples of successful entrepreneurs.

You may already know the story of Tulsa's Black Wall Street but do you know about some of the individual stories? Enroll today to learn more about the Entrepreneurs who helped build Tulsa's Black Wall Street.

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Course Outcomes

Entrepreneurs Building Black Wall Street takes a look at some of the Entrepreneurs that helped to build Tulsa's Black Wall Street. The course will go through the stories of business men and women and provide models of success.

  • Review Prominent Black Leaders and Business Folks

  • Analyze How each entrepreneur was able to be successful

  • Understand basic financial and business concepts

  • Think Critically about lessons you can apply from the stories of these historical figures

"Education is the passport to the Future" - Malcolm X

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