What We Do

  • Educate

    iMi is committed to providing educational and cultural courses that empower our scholars to prepare for the future. These courses are available to K-12 and adult learners.

  • Serve

    iMi is honored to serve as a resource for families in need by providing Holiday gifts, school supplies, and basic needs to families.

  • Innovate

    iMi draws upon the rich cultural experiences of our community and advancement of technology to solve problems while bringing additional opportunities to the community.

Black Future Month

Powered by Educators, Community Leaders, Families, and people like you.

An intentional month of collaborative programming to envision a positive and prosperous Black Future using 7 Adinkra symbols as guiding principles. Black Future Month was in June. Thanks for all who joined. You can still view the powerful content for free using the link below.
Black Future Month powered by iMi

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Meet the Team

Committed to you and your future.

Holistic Health Instructor

Sinclair Walker

Sinclair Walker aka "Thee Health Nerd" is an engineer by trade who breaks down the systems within the body for anyone to understand. Sinclair is on a mission to help increase the holistic health of the Afrikan Diaspora and educate others to do the same.

Community & Curriculum Development

De'Von Truvel

De'Von Truvel has worked to increase educational access since 2012. Known for creating Black Wall Street the Board Game, De'Von Truvel is passionate about ownership and innovation in the Black Community.

Chief Sustainability Officer

Delton Walker

Delton Walker brings a wealth of corporate knowledge relating to IT and Project Management with his greatest passion laying in sustainability. Delton plans to sew the culture of sustainability into our everyday lives because we only get one earth.