For Future Entrepreneurs and Business Moguls

If you have a scholar who is showing interest in business this course will be a great introduction to some powerful literature they can use to make their vision a reality.

Top 5 Books for new Entrepreneurs

Course curriculum

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    1. Welcome to iMi

    2. Your Future Position Check In

    1. Think and Grow Rich With These 3 Books

    1. A Nipsey Hussle Recommendation

    1. Two Bonus Books!

    1. Top 5 Books for New Entrepreneurs Review

    2. Well Done!

About this course

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Course Trailer

Course Outcomes

The Top 5 Books for New Entrepreneurs is a great kick start for scholars interested in business. These five books are great to introduce your scholar to marketing, vision, business structure, and mindset principles important to building a successful business.

  • Review Leading Business Literature and connect to future ambition

  • Analyze the common patterns and trends of successful businesses

  • Understand what key role you would like to play in a company

  • Think Critically about your vision for your business

  • Bonus: Access to Launch It! 7 Steps to Launch Your Business book

"Education is the passport to the Future" - Malcolm X

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