Learn the history Behind Tulsa's Black Wall Street

From 1838 - 1921 and lessons we can take away from the legacy of Black Wall Street today.

Building Black Wall Street

Course curriculum

    1. Course Trailer

    2. Welcome to iMI

    1. Course Overview

    1. Path to Tulsa

    1. O.W Gurley and the Williams

    2. BONUS: Meet John and Loula Williams

    1. What happened to Greenwood?

    2. Financial Lessons from Greenwood

    1. 7 Steps to Launch Your Business

About this course

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Early History, Financial Lessons, and a Special Bonus

We know that Tulsa's Black Wall Street was destroyed in 1921 but what happened before. How were they able to build and how can we learn from its legacy.

You may already know the story of Tulsa's Black Wall Street but do you know about how the visionaries started the community? Enroll today to learn more about the history of Tulsa's Black Wall Street. This course comes with a bonus for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn how to start a business.

Course Trailer

Course Outcomes

Tulsa's Building Black Wall Street takes a look at the early history, financial lessons, and historical figures behind Tulsa's Black Wall Street. The course will go through the history of Tulsa's Black Wall Street and give a bonus to aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • Review Prominent Black Leaders and Business Folks

  • Analyze How each entrepreneur was able to be successful

  • Understand basic financial and business concepts

  • Think Critically about lessons you can apply from the legacy of Tulsa's Black Wall Street

  • Bonus: Learn the 7 steps to launching your business

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